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RPM allows students to transact a wide selection of securities including: stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds. The platform is designed to simulate institutional level money management, which means students must manage their cash holdings, overnight financing, and portfolio margin.

Real-time Trade Execution

The RPM platform executes all trades based on real-time quotes. This provides students with the most accurate experience possible and eliminates the possibility of gaming a delayed quote. This also allows students to effectively experiment with intra-day trading strategies that would not be appropriate using delayed data.


RPM has been built with many features that help instructors augment the learning experience and prepare students for the finance industry. For example, RPM includes a built-in portfolio optimizer, attribution analyses that illustrate the sources of a portfolio's returns, and a customized benchmarking tool that allows students to analyze their own portfolio performance relative to instructor and user-defined benchmarks (including the class average as well as specific competitors). All of these features have been designed specifically with classroom use in mind. In addition, instructors have access to useful summary reports that are emailed to them daily.

Users also have a wide-range of support options including: online help documents; a frequently asked questions database; and our online live-help desk that is staffed during market hours.

User Friendly

RPM is designed to be used by students who have little to no trading or portfolio management experience, while maintaining the look and feel of actual institutional trading software. For example, RPM is modular; users can customize their screen layouts to perfectly suit their needs.

Payment Options

In order to accommodate your school’s preferences, we offer either school pay or student pay subscription models. Pricing is done based on the number of students using the software, with bulk site licensing options available.

To read more about the software features, please click on this link to the features page.

The same look, feel, and functionality
as institutional proprietary applications.

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